CMI engineers metal for diverse types of processing work

Work means something different to every processing company. Certain facilities require highly specialized machinery and outcomes, while others simply need to streamline overall operations.

Throughout the years, CMI has gained—and leveraged—its expertise over a broad spectrum of work across multiple industries. Starting from the drawing board and designing equipment to perform specific requirements has pushed CMI in many directions—testing both engineering and fabrication know-how.

This depth of experience has created a bank of solutions. And often, a solution in one specialty proves to solve new, unrelated processing challenges elsewhere—making CMI a well-known leader in custom metal work.

Engineering Specialties:

CMIWebGasPRESSURE VESSEL WORK:  CMI Equipment and Engineering, Co. is certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to use the U and PP stamp. CMI Equipment and Engineering, Co. is also certified by the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors to use the NB Mark with the ASME U Stamp and the NB R Symbol.

CMIWebPuzMANPOWER, AUTOMATION, & ALLIANCES:  CMI factors line layout, floor plan, and maximizing a workforce  — a puzzle that requires careful planning and calculations. When specialty equipment from another manufacturer is the best fit, CMI recommends the purchase and incorporates it into the master engineering plan.

CMIWebRapidRAPID RESPONSE ENGINEERING AND FABRICATION:  If a CMI part fails, it can be shipped overnight or fabricated within hours. This potentially means replacement parts delivered within less than 24 hours. American-made, and CMI-made, translates into equipment operating again — FAST.